Внимание ошибка MySQL!
Ошибка MySQL в файле: /engine/modules/show.short.php в 66-ой строке
Номер ошибки: 1226 ?
Код ошибки:
User '045463110_garwin' has exceeded the 'max_queries_per_hour' resource (current value: 1)

SELECT p.id, p.autor, p.date, p.short_story, CHAR_LENGTH(p.full_story) as full_story, p.xfields, p.title, p.category, p.alt_name, p.comm_num, p.allow_comm, p.fixed, p.tags, e.news_read, e.allow_rate, e.rating, e.vote_num, e.votes, e.view_edit, e.editdate, e.editor, e.reason FROM dle_post p LEFT JOIN dle_post_extras e ON (p.id=e.news_id) WHERE category regexp '[[:<:]](not detected)[[:>:]]' AND approve=1 AND date < '2017-07-21 11:52:22' ORDER BY fixed desc, date DESC LIMIT 0,100
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